22 // Intern Pharmacist.

I struggle to understand people who don't love animals.

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Update on the glasses situation: My new glasses got done in record time and I like them better than my old ones so yay!

One of my customers today pulled out his own pen to sign for his prescription and it was a really cool pen so I said “wow that’s a cool pen, where did you get it?” He told me he got it when he visited Argentina and then he said that he would buy me one if he went back there and I was still working at the pharmacy when he got back. I think it’s the sweetest thing a customer has ever said to me. I’m feeling happy today.

On Friday I lost my glasses. On Saturday I chose to have fun and watch a movie rather than prepare for a test the next day. On Sunday I passed that test and saw another movie to celebrate. Lessons learned from this weekend:
1) Never take off your glasses in a strange place, 2) always choose fun over work, 3) Divergent is an awesome movie and 4) Frozen coke is my boyfriend.


Dylan Moran on adulthood

One of my new favourite YouTube videos of all time. Akdong Musician are so insanely talented. I first listened to this today on the train my way home from a very long day of intern training and I actually had tears in my eyes because of how incredibly beautiful Lee Soo-hyun’s voice is. LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

Wearing makeup at home for no good reason because I can.


My education book is keepin it real

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